Published by : Bilal Munsif

23rd Dec 2023

Student Placement In Aged Care Sector Of Australia


Before jumping into the career after student placement in aged care, the foundation of your future will be decided by the skillset you develop during your learning period. Practical learning and thorough insight into the industry work will help you gain the best skills required in your career. These lessons you learn in the initial phases will help you become a professional in your field. Ageing populations are increasing and the demand for young personal carers, clinical placements, and nursing placements is also rising. High-quality clinical placements and personal carer placements are required in aged care homes, facilities, and suitable personal sites. Today we are talking about student placement in aged care and how it can influence the lives of beautiful senior citizens of Australia.

Student Placement In Aged Care:

We are SkilTrak and we are here to kickstart your career through student placement in aged care. We have partnered with Reputable Registered Training Organisations in Australia. SkilTrak provides student placements in facilities, Aged Care Homes, and clinics. The roles are diverse ranging from allied health professionals to personal carers and registered nurses. This student placement in aged care is also called vocational placement and it is a crucial part of your qualification. Students gain valuable learning through the real work environment in the aged care sector and develop a lot of skills to boost their careers. 

Student Placement For Personal Carer:

We have partnered with the best RTOs in the country who offer Certificate 3 in individual support and allied health services, and we provide student placements for these students. If you are a student looking for work placements create an account with SkilTrak today. If you are an RTO looking for the best placement services for your students feel free to contact us through our website.

Clinical Placements For Students:

We are also offering work placements for students studying allied health services and nursing courses from Registered Training Organisations. We offer placements for the following students:

Following Courses Students are also eligible to apply for work placements:

Non-Partnered RTOs Requesting Placement For Their Students:

We are always high in demand for work placements and our placement coordinators prioritise placing students of the RTOs who have partnered with SkilTrak. Requests for student placements will be accommodated by capacity at the time and priority will be given to the students listed with Registered Training Organisations. We are open to Placement requests and the RTOs can get on board with us to provide on-time placements for their students. To request Student Placement in Aged Care or any other sector please reach out to us through our Official Website.

Wrapping Up Student Placement In Aged Care:

Student placement in aged care can be very beneficial if students are looking career in it. But on the same side entering any aged care facility on student placement can be very daunting also. When you are at the aged care facility and experiencing the smell, sight, and sounds in real life, it adds a lot of value to the position that you can't prepare from theoretical learning. The people and the responsibilities that come along both are real. So if you are eager to join the service go ahead and reach out to us to get the best student placements for aged care.

We have placed infinite numbers of happy students in the real world to achieve their career aspirations. You can visit our Facebook page to follow the testimonials of students pursuing a successful career in Australia’s top-rated industries.



Q. What is a student’s role in placement?

The students are responsible for completing their shift hours, participating in the placement, and grabbing actual experiences that can further help them in their career.


Q. How do student nurses complete their placement period?

Student nurses are mainly responsible for good communication with the patient and assisting the professional staff on site.


Q. What is the purpose of student placement in aged care?

To let the student go through real scenarios and learn practical skills that they need to practice in their career. It also develops good relationship-building skills between the student and the patient.