Work Based Training

Welcome to our Work Based Training (WBT) program involved

Where we connect students, Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), and industries, ensuring a symbiotic relationship that benefits all parties involved.


At the heart of our program are the students, Excited to commence their professional endeavours. We understand that theoretical knowledge alone is insufficient in today's competitive job market. Therefore, we provide students with invaluable hands-on experience through work-based training (WBT). By engaging themselves in real-world settings, students gain practical skills and insights that complement their academic learning, enhancing their employability and confidence.

Our diverse range of WBT placements in fields such as Commercial Cookery and Hospitality, Disability and Ageing Support, Early Childhood Education and Care, Individual Support, Mental Health, Allied Health Assistance, School-Based Education Support, Nursing, and Youth Work, caters to the varied interests and career aspirations of students. Whether they aspire to become chefs, nurses, educators, or support workers, our program offers tailored opportunities to explore and excel in their chosen fields.

Registered Training Organisations (RTOs)

We understand the challenges faced by RTOs in providing comprehensive work-based training opportunities to their students. Many struggle to establish meaningful partnerships with industries that can offer relevant placements. Our program acts as a bridge, complementing the theoretical curriculum offered by RTOs with practical, hands-on experiences in reputable industry settings.

By collaborating with us, RTOs enhance the quality of their training programs and enrich the learning experiences of their students. Our network of industry partners spans various sectors, ensuring that students receive exposure to diverse work environments and industry best practices. We work closely with RTOs to understand their curriculum requirements and align our placements to meet their educational objectives, fostering a seamless transition from classroom learning to real-world application.


In today's dynamic business landscape, industries seek talented and skilled individuals who can contribute meaningfully to their operations. However, identifying and recruiting such candidates can be an intimidating task. Our program serves as a talent pipeline, connecting industries with motivated students who possess the skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm to thrive in their respective fields.

By partnering with SkilTrak, industries gain access to a pool of well-prepared and job-ready candidates across various sectors. We collaborate closely with industry partners to understand their workforce needs and tailor our placements to match their requirements. Through these partnerships, industries not only address their immediate staffing needs but also contribute to the development of future professionals within their sectors.

Our Work Based Training program serves as a catalyst for synergy and growth, benefiting students, RTOs, and industries alike. We are committed to nurturing talent, fostering partnerships, and driving positive change within the workforce ecosystem. Join us on this transformative journey towards excellence and innovation in work-based education and training.

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