Published by : Bilal Munsif

18th Dec 2023

How To Get Allied Health Assistant Placements In Australia?


Do you want to become a trained professional who assists patients in their rehabilitation period which mainly includes exercises like occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and conducting of group sessions? If yes, you are on the right blog where we will tell you how to enter the medical profession as an Allied Health Assistant in Australia. In Australia, this is the most growing field as more than 90,000 allied health professionals are working alongside doctors in hospitals, clinics, aged care, and disability facilities to provide optimum healthcare services to Australians. And the field is growing vastly as there is still room for more allied health assistants to join.

What Is Allied Health Assistant:

An Allied Health assistant is a professional working under the direct supervision of a doctor and nurses. They also work with physiotherapists, social workers, occupational therapists, speech therapists, diversional therapists, and home economics. Allied Health Assistants are usually responsible for preparing verbal and written reports by visiting clients and assisting doctors with them. They are also helping the clients with personal care which the patients are not able to undertake. With the significant increase in the ageing population and primary health care services the allied health assistant jobs will continue to grow in Australia, so there is a big scope of opportunities here,

An Allied Health Assistant works for patients who require their routine physiotherapy sessions. They also implement care plans designed for clients to look after themselves, which is beneficial for their independent living skills. The workplace is not specific to hospitals, you can also get employed in community health, drug rehabilitation centers, age care, disability sectors, schools, and also in homes for independent patients.

Tasks And Duties Of Allied Health Assistants:

Allied Health Assistants prepare and coordinate assessments. They are also responsible for planning clinical support and scheduling treatment for patients. All these duties are performed under the supervision of professional Health Experts like Doctors and physicians. Allied Health Assistants monitor the health of their patients. Any change reported in health to other senior professionals is also done by allied health assistants. They are simultaneously performing the administrative duties of the Doctors. In which the administrative job consists of programming documentation, compiling a history of patients, and organizing and filing patient medical reports.

Roles Of Allied Health Assitant:

If you join the health sector as an Allied Health Assistant, you can work on the following roles in the industry.

  • Physiotherapists
  • Phycologists
  • Podiatrists
  • Osteopaths
  • Pharmacists
  • Chiropractors
  • Medical Radiation Practioner

How Can I Become An Allied Health Assistant:

There are two ways to enter this field in Australia, by completing Certificate III or IV in allied health assistance. These two certificates can land you in a promising work placement in the health sector which later can be transformed into a rewarding job for you. Read Further to find the step-by-step guide to becoming an allied health professional. 

Certificate III In Allied Health Assistance:

Certificate III is the easiest and simplest way to join the industry. The length of the study plan depends on the institute you studying with. Mainly it consists of 6 months to 1 year. You also need to complete 80 hours of work placement before the full completion of the course.

Continuing The Qualification With The Certificate IV:

If you want to secure a good job in the health sector you must go for Certificate IV in allied health assistance because it gives you the advanced skills and knowledge required to excel in the field. Certificate IV is roughly six months longer than the certificate III of allied health assistance. It requires mainly 2 years to complete and the work placement time for this certificate is 12 hours.

The Skills You Must Have To Become An Allied Health Assistant:

Certain skills are very important for allied health assistants to work. These skills can be gained through theoretical study or practical on-field work experience. Some of these important skills are:

Communication Skills:

One of the most important skills to have while serving in this field is to communicate well with patients and clients, understand their problems, and stand up with effective solutions.

Dependability of the Patients:

You be responsible for transporting your patients between their homes and health care. For this, you also require a driving permit or a driving license in Australia. 


You must be a caring allied health assistant to your patients and clients. It can be in assisting old-age citizens or helping patients with their disabilities. Empathy means to care for someone genuinely and understand well about their pains and sufferings. 

Team Work:

You will work under the direct supervision of professional doctors and healthcare experts. So you should know how to interact with the professionals and ensure effective treatments for your patients.

Wrapping Up:

So if you are here you must have read the whole blog and might found it useful. In Conclusion, you need to remember the skillset required for Allied Health Assistant Jobs which was discussed above. It includes Communication Skills, dependability of the patients, empathy, and teamwork. This skill set will help you a lot in growing in this field. You require two certifications to mainly enter this sector which have also been discussed above. These Certifications are Certificate III and Certificate IV in Allied Health Services.

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Q. In Australia, what is the role of an allied health assistant?

Support Health professionals with their work, managing the administrative jobs and interacting with the patients.


Q. What is the salary range for allied health assistants in Australia?

The expected salary of an allied health assistant in Australia is between 60-70k AUD.


Q. Are there enough allied health assistants in Australia?

Yes, but the field is growing day by day and there is a significant gap to fill for the allied health assistant jobs.