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1st Jan 2024

How To Find Commercial Cookery Work Placements In Australia


Commercial Cookery is the most anticipated field in Australia. Cookery is an essential part of society serving you quality food and making your weekends fun where you can spend a good time with your family enjoying your meals. By seeing the upsurge in the tourism sector the demand for skilled professionals in the field of cookery has also been raised a lot. You must be here to find a valuable work placement in the sector of Commercial Cookery.

We at SkilTrak exactly know where the gap exists and we are experts in filling it. We have helped hundreds of Students and RTOs in finding the best industries for commercial cookery and placing students. SkilTrak provides 24/7 assistance to students and sources some of the top-notch industries that match your preference list. The complete process is made hassle-free by us as we are dedicated to offering the maximum that we can to our students.

Commercial Cookery As a Field:

The skill of being a chef is very rewarding and at the same time, you can explore many other opportunities related to it. A chef can work in Restaurants, 5-star hotels, and also in private events. A chef can also explore new dimensions of food by working in different regions and countries. However, In Australia, the food culture is very vibrant, we see a blend of many cultures here. Australian chefs are highly known for their quality food and high industry standards which also makes them earn well.

Team Leading is also a major role of a chef that you will witness and learn in the placement journey. The chef always takes the team along and knows how to get maximum potential work from them. Moreover, being a chef you will also be directly involved in identifying and managing operational and service issues that are faced in the kitchen. Planning of food production, scheduling of workflow, and designing the menu of the restaurant, come in the J.D. of a chef. 

When you are done with your course and internship, the titles you would be eligible for are Chef de Cuisine (Head Chef or First Chef), Sous Chef (also known as Second Chef: as they are second in charge), Chef de Partie (also known as a Demi Chef, they are in charge of a certain section of the kitchen). 

Commercial Cookery Opportunities In Australia For International Students:

SkilTrak also invites international students to Australia to pursue their careers in Commercial Cookery based Industries. We have a number of Top Industries on board that can add a major plus to your cookery career. 

Now let's dig into the plus points Australia offers to overseas workers:

Diversity in the Cuisine: Australia’s cuisine is based on a multicultural society having a blend of all the tastes around the world. While working in Australia you will work on all types of cuisines around the world making yourself a unique chef.

Quality Education: Australia offers some top courses and Institutions for the study of commercial cookery. With the state of the culinary schools, students receive a comprehensive learning experience.

Industry Opportunities: The food and hospitality sector of Australia is growing every day and the major reason for this is Tourism in Australia. International students have a great chance here to gain practical skills, exposure, Networking abilities, etc. 

Global Recognition: Working in Australia’s Top Industries can open doors for international students and workers worldwide giving them the right recognition.

Currently, we are entertaining people with a 407 Training Visa or the Sub Class skilled visa. Through this visa, you can come and join the workforce of Asutralia as a Skilled Worker. To further know about this initiative, you can read MASTERING THE JOB HUNT OVERSEAS WITH 407 TRAINING VISA blog on our website. 

Work Placements In Commercial Cookery Offered By SkilTrak:

  • Work Effectively As A Cook - SITHCCC043:

For Work Placement in SITHCCC043, a student has to complete 48 shifts, in which a single shift is a of minimum 4 hours. The total shifts comprises 192 hours. If you are an international student, your shift must be 24 hours a week and a minimum of 8 hours a day. Moreover, these shifts are divided into two parts, Breakfast Lunch and Lunch Dinner. In this unit of placement special events like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and seminars are not allowed for students. The restaurant you are working with must be a proper Dine IN restaurant having a great balance in the menu.

  • Plan Cooking Operations - SITHKOP013:

For Placement in SITHKOP013, a student must complete 12 shifts with 1 shift of a minimum of 4 hours. Total placement comprises 48 hours which is completed in 1-2 weeks. This placement has no restrictions regarding special events. However, if you want to apply for this placement then SITHCCC043 is a prerequisite. 

Eligibility Criteria:

For the two units of placements discussed above, some eligibility criteria need to be met. Some of the major eligibility criteria are: 

  • It must be a proper dine-in restaurant with a properly balanced menu.
  • It should not be Fast Food Restaurants like KFC, Mcdonalds, and Popeyes.
  • It should not be a cafe or a coffee shop like Starbucks, or Tim Hortons.
  • It should not be a dhaba or a one-dish restaurant like a doner or shawarma spot.
  • For Placements, it must be a proper DINE-IN restaurant, One-dish restaurants like pizza parlours are also not allowed. Example: Pizza Hut, Domino, Papa Johns.
  • If it is a Coffee shop or cafe it should have a proper menu that comprises all the food items. 

Placement Procedure For Commercial Cookery With Skiltrak:

When a student comes to us (he can be referred through RTOs or directly to our website) we make him go through the account creation process. Once the student account is created we assign him the LMS Portal. Our placement coordinators conduct a virtual interview of the student. In this interview, the student can pitch his recommendations about the restaurant he wants to work with or he can simply rely on us for the whole placement procedure. 

If a Student Pitches His Restaurant: Our placement coordinators verify the area, and they also do the required verifications about the Head Chef of the restaurant. Coordinators visit the restaurant to verify the,

  • Kitchen Equipment.
  • Kitchen Environment.
  • Head Chef.
  • Verification of the Area.
  • Verification of the Menu.
  • Verify the Safety precautions and measures
  • Discussion over student shifts like breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

If the place is completed and verified then the Agreement and the facility check list is made. We send the agreement and the facility checklist to the student and also upload the documents onto the LMS Portal. Once both parties sign the agreement, the filling log book of the student is started.

If the student Does not Pitch any Restaurant: If a student does not know about any place to go for his work placement. Then we at SkilTrak find a suitable place for him keeping all his priorities and needs in mind. Moreover, we mainly try to find a restaurant depending on the location of the student. Our goal is to find the best workplace within a radius of a maximum of 20 kilometres. Once we finalise the restaurant based on the verifications discussed above, we talk about student availability with the head chef and arrange the slots based on student availability. Furthermore, a physical meeting is booked between the Head Chef and the student and if both parties are on the same page, the agreement is prepared and signed. The documents are uploaded on the student portal and the placement of the student starts. 

*When the work placement is completed the log book record must be accurate and verified by the Head Chef Signatures.

Hospitality Services:

SkilTrak also offers student placements and work placements in hospitality services. Students placed at the Front End fulfill a crucial role in the DINE-IN area of hospitality services by engaging with customers and fulfilling their needs. This represents a major difference between hospitality services and the two units discussed above.

This unit comprises of 36 shifts with a single shift of a minimum of 4 hours. International students can work 24 hours a week however domestic students can work more. The students and deployed as Front-Of-The-Touse staff.

Opportunities For a Career in Australia After Pursuing Commercial Cookery:

The growth of the culinary field in Australia offers many job profiles and career prospects to culinary experts, making becoming a chef in Australia very rewarding. The average salary of a chef in Australia is approx. 64,000 AUD per year. Some of the profiles for culinary experts in Australia are:

  • Unit Manager in Cooking Operations
  • Commercial Kitchen Manager
  • Celebrity Chef
  • Demi Chef or Chef de Partie
  • Executive Chef or Chef de Cuisine
  • Second Chef or Sous Chef
  • Fish Cook or Poissonnier
  • Pantry Chef of Garde Manger
  • Vegetable Cook or Entremetier
  • Meat Cook or Rotisserie
  • First Chef or Head Chef
  • Cake Baker and Decorator
  • Food Stylist
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Fast Food Restaurant Manager
  • Culinary Show Presenter
  • Catering Manager

And The Industries They Are Eligible To Work With:

  • Bakeries
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Organisations
  • Cookery Institutions
  • Cruise Lines
  • Culinary Shows

Why You Should Choose SkilTrak:

SkilTrak knows the gap in the market and realises the problems faced by RTOs and students. We provide a seamless solution by taking all your pain away in finding a suitable industry. Our dedicated placement coordinators are there to prepare and guide you for your upcoming work placement. The sourcing coordinators are responsible for sourcing the best industries in town that can be fruitful to your career. But the best thing we offer is the SkilTrak LMS Portal where we connect students' RTOs and Industries on a single platform. Furthermore, this portal stores the documents and data while simultaneously tracking the progress report of the student. Skiltrak has done several successful placements. We publish our placement report every week placing more than 40-50 students per week. 

Success Stories:

Commercial Cooking and Hospitality: A group of 16 students are currently beginning their careers in both culinary arts and hospitality.

Community Services: We have placed 5 committed students who are prepared to serve and contribute, making a difference in the community through community services.

Ageing Care: A kind-hearted student is currently pursuing a fulfilling career in the industry, providing our elderly with warmth and attention.

Disability Sector: Ten students across all fields are set to positively influence the lives of people with a broad spectrum of abilities.

Individual Support: 3 students now possess the ability to offer tailored assistance, which improves one-on-one support.

All these students are enjoying their placements. They speak a lot about our success and dedication to helping students suffering from placement issues.

Student Testimonial For Commercial Cookery:

We have recently placed Sujan Dhimal in the sector of Commercial Cookey and Hospitality. Sujan Wants to thank SkilTrak and Maria, his Placement Coordinator. Maria went all above in scheduling the interviews, verifications of the workplace, and guiding Sujan Throughout His Journey, See what Sujan has to say about SkilTrak. Follow our Facebook page for more updates regarding Student Testimonials. Watch Sujan’s Testimonial.

Wrapping Up:

In conclusion, Australia offers a captivating career path, in the field of cooking. SkilTrak plays a role in connecting aspiring chefs with industry placements. The multicultural food scene and thriving tourism industry in Australia contribute to the increasing demand for professionals in this field. Alongside filling work placement gaps SkilTrak ensures round-the-clock support for students ensuring a hassle-free experience. With Australia's top-notch education system, cuisine, and expanding food and hospitality industry, international students have great opportunities here. SkilTrak meticulously plans placements in Cookery and Hospitality Services that meet eligibility requirements while providing a learning experience.

Whether students have their dream restaurant idea or rely on SkilTrak to find them the right fit the seamless placement process demonstrates SkilTrak's commitment to student success. The entire process is streamlined through the SkilTrak LMS Portal, which facilitates communication among industries, and RTOs (Registered Training Organisations). Students on one platform. SkilTrak has successfully placed students across industries and has earned acclaim for their expertise and dedication by focusing on industry relevance and specialised solutions. The testimonials and success stories further emphasise the impact that SkilTrak has, on students' personal lives as well as their professional careers.

The accomplishments of people like Sujan Dhimal, who were assisted by SkilTrak’s professional team attest to the platform's effectiveness. In helping students achieve their goals and objectives.

People who come to us are eagerly motivated to achieve a prosperous future and we dedicate all our efforts to fulfill their desire. The commitment of placement coordinators, demonstrated by Maria's significant assistance for Sujan, emphasises the careful and individualised approach that distinguishes SkilTrak. Let us help you in finding to best placements that can elevate your career in the field of Cookery.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What kind of Placements does SkilTrak offer?

SkilTrak offers work placements in SITHCCC043, SITHKOP013, and Hospitality Services.

Q. Is Work Placement a paid Job?

No, Work placement is not paid in Australia, it is a part of the course you study.

Q. In what industries a commercial cookery student can work?

A commercial cookery student can work in restaurants, hotels, airlines, cruise lines, etc.