Published by : Bilal Munsif

5th Dec 2023

Mastering the Job Hunt Overseas with 407 Training Visa: Skiltrak's Secret Weapon for Securing Your Dream Job in Australia


It is a dream best seen with closed eyes to land a job in Australia's hospitality management sector and the relevant industry. To close this gap, we at SkilTrak are extremely proud to announce the launch of our brand-new project for overseas skilled workers who aspire to join the workforce of Australian Hospitality and management.  People holding 407 Training Visas can take advantage of multiple opportunities offered by this innovative project. With the 407 training Visa or (subclass) skilled visa, you can begin your professional career in Australia's elite industries and gain access to a wide range of employment opportunities. Thus, if you are employed in the hospitality management industry, we will offer you opportunities to advance in this prestigious field in Australia.

What is a 407 Training Visa?

The 407 training visa also known as the Sub Class Skilled Visa is a stay visa for people aspiring for occupational training or professional development in industries. The Visa can be extended once the tenure period is met and both parties agree upon it. Furthermore, this 407 Training Visa essentially grants a great opportunity for global workers to enhance their skill set and help in capacity building overseas. Additionally, this visa serves as a great chance for international workers with good experience in their field to come and excel in their profession by working in some highly anticipated industries in Australia.

Work Placements in Hospitality Management Through 407 Training Visa:

We at Skiltrak are committed to serving dedicated individuals by connecting them to their desired Industries. We are currently placing international workers in the 5-star Hotels, Cruise lines, Airlines, and a number of large chain Restaurants. However, all Skilled Workers who aspire to join these industries must possess a work experience of a minimum of 4-5 years globally.

We at Skiltrak are committed to serving dedicated individuals by connecting them to their desired Industries. We are currently placing international workers in the 5-star Hotels, Cruise lines, Airlines, and a number of large chain Restaurants. However, all Skilled Workers who aspire to join these industries must possess a work experience of a minimum of 4-5 years globally.

with industries and both parties sign an agreement, the entire Immigration and Legal procedure is handled by Immigration Agensts and Independent Contractors. SkilTrak will coordinate with these contractors making the immigration process seamless. This agreement's initial term would be one year. However, the agreement can be further extended, by signing a consent form between the industry and the candidate. Skiltrak assigns its clients to positions as Front of House Managers and Back of House Managers (Chefs) in the Hospitality Management Sector.

How Can You Land Overseas as a Skilled Worker With SkilTrak?

The first step of this process involves submitting a resume from the candidate. We need the entire overview with the qualifications and work experience of the candidate. When all the required documents are provided to our team, we will send you a welcome E-mail. The email briefs on everything involved in this process. After some verifications from our end, we will call you for a virtual interview to analyze the skillset, background, and industry preferences you have in mind. Our professional Employment Coordinators conduct this interview, which is a crucial part of the whole placement procedure.

After the successful completion of the interview, our sourcing coordinators come right into action by sourcing some top-rated industries in the sector of Hospitality Management. They present you with some of the best options while keeping in mind every request and preference you have made. Once the sourcing level is reached, we send your documents to the industries. And they typically want to set up an interview-based meeting with the candidate. This is the make-or-break moment for most of the candidates and we realize the importance of this interview. Furthermore, our employment coordinators are there to assist and guide you with all the necessary points that are involved in this step. SkilTrak also schedules a pre-appointment session conducted by their employment coordinators to make sure you land successfully in the industry.

The Candidate And The Industry Sign The Agreement:

Once the candidate and the industry complete the appointment, both parties are ready to move further in this process. They need to sign an agreement to further proceed to the successful placement. Here SkilTrak handles all the necessary documentation for the agreement.

Signing of agreement and accepting all the terms and conditions makes you eligible to start your employment as soon as possible. Upon meeting the agreement procedures, the candidate can successfully join the industry within 10-60 days, depending on the immigration process. The 407 Training Visa has a duration of 12 months. The contract is valid for 1 year to work with the designated sector. Upon completing the Visa Tenure, the industry can extend the contract by signing a mutual agreement.

Summarizing The Skiltrak 407 Training Visa Process:

To Summarize the employment steps we have a flowchart of 8 points that are essential in your recruiting:

  1. Receive Students/Skilled Worker Resume.
  2. Create their account in our LMS Portal by uploading all the required documents, preferences, and Work Experience. This portal also tracks their progress.
  3. Employment Coordinator schedules an online interview with the candidate.
  4. Evaluate the best industries meeting the requirements of the candidate.
  5. Sourcing of the industries based on the analysis made by step 4.
  6. Arrange an interview/appointment between the candidate and the host employer.
  7. Agreement sent to both parties upon their mutual satisfaction.
  8. Confirm the Job Placement.

Why SkilTrak Should Be Your Ultimate Choice For Overseas Employment?

At Skiltrak we highly appreciate the importance of having options and adapting to situations. To ensure that Registered Training Organizations (RTOs) and students have opportunities. We offer more than ten Fields of Industries and Sectors. Through our connections, with emerging businesses and industries, Skiltrak is now capable of providing students and skilled workers seeking work placements abroad with a substantial advantage, in kickstarting their careers. We are offering the following types of work placements. These placements come with a great addition to your academic and professional journey.

  • Commercial Cookery And Hospitality
  • Disability
  • Ageing Support
  • Early Childhood Education And Care
  • Individual Support
  • Mental Health
  • Allied Health Assistance
  • School-Based Education Support
  • Nursing
  • Youth Work

We are delighted to announce that we place over 30 students in finding work placements every week. This Week we had the privilege of placing a total of 35 individuals across a diverse array of industries. Allow us to provide you with a summary of our unforgettable week;

  • Commercial Cookery and Hospitality - 16 Students
  • Community Services - 5 Students
  • Age Care Sector - 1 Student
  • Disability Sector - 10 Students
  • Individual Support - 3 Students

Note: But the initiative we are talking about today is specified for International/Overseas candidates holding 407 Training Visa striving to join the Hospitality Management Sector. If you need to explore other placement opportunities visit our blog: Student Placement Unveiled

Wrapping Up:

In conclusion, for those hoping to pursue a career in Australia's hospitality management industry. SkilTrak's innovative program is revolutionary. International skilled workers can now join elite industries like five-star hotels, cruise lines, airlines, and well-known restaurant chains through the 407 Training Visa. Candidates can expect a smooth transition thanks to the extensive process. SkilTrak's dedicated team manages the entire process from resume submission to job placement. Emphasizing individualized support, the employment coordinators at SkilTrak help candidates showcase their abilities in virtual interviews and offer insightful counsel during the sourcing and appointment phases. Managing the immigration process and mediating agreements between industries and candidates is handled by SkilTrak.

With a 12-month term and the option for an extension, the 407 Training Visa is a fantastic way for foreign workers. They can advance their careers and support Australia's booming industries. The wide range of industries in which SkilTrak has placed its workers and students attests to their dedication to providing both groups with worthwhile career opportunities. Additionally, SkilTrak's LMS Online Portal acts as a bridge between Students, RTOs, and Industries. With over 30 students placed each week, this initiative has already shown remarkable success. And it proves SkilTrak's commitment to paving the way for successful career paths. SkilTrak provides access to Australia's dynamic hospitality management industry for foreign candidates with a 407 Training Visa, signaling the start of a fruitful career path.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is Australia's 407 training visa?

With this visa, you can participate in professional development training programs in Australia or workplace-based occupational training activities to enhance your skills for your line of work, tertiary study area, area of expertise, or both.

Q. I have a 407 visa, can I still apply for PR in Australia?

The Subclass 407 visa does not grant permanent residency; rather, it is a transitory visa. You will need to look into alternative visa applications if your goal is to remain in Australia permanently.

Q. Who in Australia is qualified for a training visa?

You need to be sponsored to be eligible for this kind of training visa in Australia. put forward by a sanctioned sponsor. Greetings (if your sponsor is an organization under the Commonwealth Government).