Published by : Bilal Munsif

1st Dec 2023

How Can We Find The Best Work Placement For Community Services?


Securing a work placement for community services or other sectors in the appropriate industry and at the correct time is essential to the success of your qualification and the start of a career. Almost all Registered Training Organizations (RTOs) have a mandatory component of work placement. However, they lack the resources for reaching out to top-notch industries. So to fill this gap, We at SkilTrak offer seamless work placements for students to join the best industries in town and pursue a rewarding career in their field.

What is Work Placement?

Work placement for community services or other sectors plays a pivotal role in polishing a student to survive in the professional sector. It is a great opportunity for students to apply their classroom learning to practical fields. Here they refine and develop new skills that will help them excel in their professional careers. Real-life industry experience is mandatory to achieve a permanent job placement when your internship tenure ends. 

It is obligatory to undergo the internship period during your work placement in community services or any other sector. A Permanent Job Placement depends on a student's profile during his or her internship tenure.

Work Placement For Community Services:

First of all, we just need to understand what actually community service is. "Service learning is a process of involving students in community service activities combined with facilitated means for applying the experience to their academic and personal development. It is a form of experiential education aimed at enhancing and enriching student learning in course material. When compared to other forms of experiential learning like internships and cooperative education, it is similar in that it is student-centered, hands-on, and directly applicable to the curriculum." Credit: Fayetteville State University

But here we are especially talking about work placements in community services which directly help you in pursuing a desired career in your respective fields. While placing a student in any industry we solely believe in knowing the preferences and choices and then finding the right suitable industry for your placement journey. There are a number of Roles and types of Placements a student can join in community services. Some Community sectors include:

  • Senior Youth Worker.
  • Community Development Worker for Social Housing.
  • Assistant Community Services Worker.
  • Community Work Coordinator.
  • Support Facilitator (Disability).
  • Support Facilitator (Community Services).
  • Team Leader.
  • Family Support Worker.
  • Community Care Manager.
  • Care Team Leader.

And the list goes on. Community service is a vast field for learning new skills and developing a practical-realtime experience that will boost your professional career and help you grab permanent work placement. 

In addition, a lot of other industries have joined us, such as the health industry, where students can work as case managers. Additionally, Salvation Army Tasmania and SkilTrak have partnered, and we are excited to place our finest students in community services. For more information on Job Roles and Industries available, for work placements in community services visit .

Diverse Range of Work Placements in Other Sectors:

Apart from community services, there are many other options available that we offer for your work placements. When an RTO or a student signs up with Skiltrak, our first priority is to streamline industries on the basis of preferences and choices provided by the student. Our dedicated team of Placement and Sourcing Coordinators is there to assist you with the right field to choose to excel in your career. Sourcing Coordinators are solely responsible for bringing top-notch industries to the table. Every step that requires verifications of certificates to schedule the interviews is handled by professional placement coordinators until you are successfully placed in your desired industry.

Types Of Industries and Sectors SkilTrak Offers:

We at Skiltrak believe in diversity and versatility, offering more than 10 Industries and Sectors to RTOs and students so they have a broad spectrum of opportunities available. Skiltrak has recently partnered with many new industries and community service platforms to provide a valuable kickstart for students trying to build their careers through work placements.

We are offering the following types of work placements with a great addition to your academic and professional journey.

  • Commercial Cookery And Hospitality
  • Disability
  • Ageing Support
  • Early Childhood Education And Care
  • Individual Support
  • Mental Health
  • Allied Health Assistance
  • School-Based Education Support
  • Nursing
  • Youth Work

You can learn more about our services by visiting the SkilTrak website, I am sure it will contribute a lot to making the right decision for choosing the right career.

LMS Online Portal By Skiltrak:

We at SkilTrak offer our Learning Management System (LMS) Online Portal as a barrier breaker to RTOs and students. RTOs, students, and industries are all brought together on this portal. Every day, the progress of each student is tracked to ensure that they are happy and at ease in the industry in which they are placed.

How To Find Your First Work Placement For Community Services:

If you are still hooked up then you might be wondering how will you end up getting the best Work Placement in the best industry. There is always a first step for every decision and your first step should be creating an account with Skiltrak. Our account creation process is very simple and requires just basic necessities. We have designed a user-friendly online portal for our RTOs and Students. Once the RTOs register with our portal and provide us with the student data. We organize an interview with the students which is conducted by our placement coordinators. 

In order to determine the best fit for each student, the placement coordinators consider the requirements and preferences provided by the students. We bring in some of the best industries within a 20-kilometer radius. Moreover, giving top priority to every request made by the student. The student's performance is monitored and recorded by the online portal even after they have been placed successfully. Our experienced coordinators respond promptly to any questions or concerns students have via the portal about their work placement or internship.

You can also have a look at our previous blog (Student Placement Unveiled) covering all the steps required for your placement procedure.

Success Stories Of Students Pursuing a Career in Top Industries:

We are pleased to announce our contribution to the successful work placement journey of students by placing more than 30 students every week. Previous Week we have placed 35 exceptional individuals in a variety of industries. Here is a quick glimpse of our impactful week:

Sixteen students were placed in the Commercial Cookery and Hospitality, five dedicated students were placed in Community Services, one student is pursuing a career in Ageing Care Sector with success; ten students are making a positive impact in the Disability Sector; and three more bright lights are shining in Individual Support.

Student Testimonial From Last Week:

Introducing Jia Hu! a China-based International student of Community Services. Let's hear his thoughts about his journey:

“I'm writing this testimonial to thank SkilTrak from the bottom of my heart for all of their help and support during my professional work placement in Burwood Neighborhood House. I'm a Chinese student named Jia Hu, and I had the honor of being connected to SkilTrak.

SkilTrak played a pivotal role in not just educating me in the nuances of Community Services but also in ensuring a seamless path into the industry. The journey from signing up with SkilTrak to the Burwood Neighborhood House was remarkably smooth, and I owe this success to the dedicated efforts of the entire team.

The meticulous handling of paperwork, from visa processes to industry placements, was a significant burden lifted off my shoulders. SkilTrak completely took charge of every documentation and requirement, While I was focused on developing and polishing my skills.

Harry, the placement coordinator from SkiltTrak, deserves special recognition. Harry provided essential information and assistance during the placement process. He arranged my interview twice and also helped me contact the manager. Harry’s commitment to making sure that students like myself have a positive experience is admirable. He went above and above to answer every question and concern I had, offering not only expert advice but also consolation.

I am currently doing well in my work placement just because of SkilTrak. During this time, I was exposed to new things and gained experience that helped shape my future job goals. SkilTrak has shown itself to be more than just a learning environment, it is a community of people who care about each other's success.

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to SkilTrak and the entire team especially Harry for their dedication to offering accurate instructions and seeing to it that students are placed successfully in the workforce. I have no doubt that SkilTrak will help aspiring professionals in their quest for success going forward.

Best Regards,

Jia Hu”

For real-time testimonials of students pursuing their successful work placements in industries, you must follow SkilTrak on Facebook.

Wrapping Up:

By reading the above information you must be aware that the journey of finding suitable work placement in Community Services or any other sector is a crucial task. SkilTrak believes in serving as a beacon for students, eliminating the gap between education and industry by offering seamless placement services. The importance of work placements in developing practical skills cannot be overstated. However, SkilTrak recognizes this by prioritizing student preferences and choices. Ensuring they are placed in the top-notch industries they desire.

The commitment of our placement coordinators is demonstrated by experts like Harry. We guarantee that each step, starting from documentation to industry 

placement is managed with accuracy and consideration. The variety of industries offered by us demonstrates the company's dedication to diversity and versatility. Moreover, it gives students a wide range of chances to succeed in their chosen careers.

The cutting-edge Learning Management System (LMS) Online Portal provides a centralized platform for ongoing support. Moreover, it improves the educational experience for students. Using SkilTrak to start the work placement process is very simple and involves two steps. Creating an account and scheduling a personalized interview with placement coordinators, who painstakingly connect students with industries that suit their needs.

Why To Choose Skiltrak?

Our impact is evident in its success stories. As over thirty students are placed in diverse Industries on a weekly basis. Moreover, Jia Hu’s testimonial serves as an illustration of the dedicated assistance that SkilTrak offers. We strive to be a dependable resource for people looking for fulfilling employment. Choose SkilTrak for a transformative experience that goes beyond education and leads to a fulfilling and prosperous career.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What Industries Does Skiltrak Offer?

SkilTrak Offers a number of industries like Community Services, commercial cookery and hospitality, ageing care, the disability sector, and a lot more. 

Q. What is the LMS online Portal?

Skiltrak offers an online portal called a learning management system that connects RTOs, students, and industries on a single platform.

Q. How to get on board with Skiltrak?

Get connected with us by creating an account at our official website.

Q. Are the work placements paid?

Usually, the industries hire a student for an internship period before the permanent Job placement. The internship period is not paid in many industries.