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Shortage of staff in hospitality businesses all over Australia!

February 5th, 2021

Hi Student,

Last year was a crazy year for all of us. COVID-19 came so unexpectedly  and forced us to reinvent our life in very challenging ways. 

Due to the pandemic and the lockdown, the hospitality sector has been majorly affected, forcing hospitality staff to look for work elsewhere for an income.

As a result, the hospitality industry has now lost many hard working staff and many businesses find themselves not being able to cater for the high customer demands; some may have to close their doors.. ;(

But this is not all sad.. we can see this as an opportunity to rebuild and focus. You are a hospitality student and YOU are the future to this sector.

If you have almost completed your full course with placement and are interested in starting a career in the Hospitality Management, then contact us on

We have many industry partners looking for hardworking staff. We can help in creating/reviewing your CV to the Australian Standard and prepare you for your job interview!

Don't wait any longer! Your career awaits you!